Padmanabh Alloys & Polymers Ltd.

Quality Control Facility

Padmanabh has a dedicated testing laboratory for all polymers testing under ASTM-D standard. In house molding facility ensures controlled manufacturing of test specimen.

In our quality control laboratory we are checking quality of products that we are producing at regular interval.

List of Laboratory Equipments
Sr. No. Name of Equipment Test
1 Universal Testing Machine Tensile, Flexural, Elongation
2 Impact Tester Izod, Charpy
3 Notch Cutter Izod
4 Heat Distortion Bath HDT
5 Melt Flow Index Tester Melt Flow
6 Accurate Weighing Balance Weighing
7 Laboratory Oven Moisture Content
8 Muffle Furnace Filler Content
9 Injection Molding Machine (SP 80) Color & Test Specimen
10 Melting Point Apparatus Melting Point
11 PH Meter PH measurement
12 Lab Mixer Mixing
Quality Control FacilityQuality Control FacilityQuality Control Facility